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I agree, Kristi. I rarely read blogs that don't have comments. When I have time to read, I want to do so in a community where I can interact with the writer and other readers.
This has been an evergreen question to me. Any system I tried hasn't been perfect, most are frustrating. I like owning my comments but Wordpress hasn't managed to improve their comment system. I can't figure it out! Commenting is what makes blogging so awesome: Why does Wordpress keep tweaking the dashboard but they've never got around to improving the commenting functionality!?
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I still believe in blog comments. Even if they are a pain to manage, people who read an article and have a question are much more likely to do so on your comments in hopes of receiving a response. If they don't have that option, they might seek an answer on another site instead.
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It would be nice to know what, if any, impact these commenting systems have on SEO. Also, is there a benefit for the commenter? Does one do better with backlinks than others?
All of these comment systems nofollow links in comments, so there is no benefit for the comment author (except for referral traffic) and there shouldn't be any harm to your website for linking out to potentially bad sites if you didn't moderate your comments well.
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